Thursday, November 6, 2014

Holy Smokes it's Nov!!!!

Where did the time go people?!?! I have started five or six different blog posts over the past few months and nothing has stuck. Mainly because my life, my fabulous life feels little like that stupid card game we all played as kids where someone throws up 52 cards in the air and you have to pick them up?!?! Who thought of that and why are we are gullible enough to do it?!?!

With so many things buzzing and whirling around in my life (in a great way) I have forgotten to make time to write and to also forgotten to make time to do kettlebells in the morning. Since moving into my apartment I have only done this twice!! I need to get back on the kettle bell wagon because with the holidays literally around the corner I can feel my pants getting tighter with each little bite!

As most of you know I moved this year and with a move comes one of my favorite October games to play...."How many Trick or Treaters will I get!??!" Since I am a glass is overflowing type of gal I assumed I would have a line out the door and down the block so I bought bags of candy. Bags of GOOD candy. Candy I would want to eat (mistake number 1). I bought said candy about a week before halloween because I TOLD MYSELF, "The stores might run out"  (mistake number 2 and 3) **Note to self no stores will EVER run out of candy and buying candy early is just dangling the carrot right in front of my face.....if you have been following along you know I have ZERO self control with food. ZZZZZZ.....EEEEEEEEE.....RRRRRR.....OOOOO!

So after one long cold walk home from the train that week I decided to self medicate with fun size candy bars. Oh the flood gates were open people. So night after night I watched in total horror as the candy bowl slowly went on the night of Halloween I went back to the store and bought some more candy. This time I bought things I don't like (which isn't much let's be honest) in hopes I wouldn't eat THAT much of it. I 100% opened every bag I bought and taste tested everything and then threw out most of the samples saying out loud, "Not worth the Weight Watchers Points!!" It's kind of like when you see a "don't touch" or "wet paint" sign and you have to touch it.....I had to try them. Blow Pops weren't great in the early 90's and they aren't great now!

That night I ran home and sat at the front door just waiting for the little kids to come lining up! This is the first time in a long time I've lived in an actual house in a neighborhood. This could be kid-a-plooza 2014!!!!

Welp I had 8.....yes 8 trick or treaters and one of them wouldn't even put his mask on! I may or may not have been on my third cocktail by time these teenagers rolled on up and  I may or may not have said, "Trick or Treat! Wait, put your mask on if you want candy kid!"

Kid....just looking at me like he doesn't understand English

Me, a little more sassy, "Put the le masko on-o if you want candyo"

Kid, looks down at my VERY full candy bowl, sticks his little hand in and grabbed three blow pops. If it were snickers I would have swatted his hand away but since it was those blow pops (who wants a blow pop again I ask you) I let it slide!

KIDS THESE DAYS!!!! Pssssssshhhhhhhh!!

The boyfriend and I spent the rest of the evening doing a pumpkin beer tasting, toasting pumpkin seeds and playing a few INTENSE rounds of farckle by my a pumpkin candle. I figured it was a great send off to the month of October.

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